Camel Safari in Rajasthan

Camel Safari in RajasthanApart from the rich heritage and culture, magnificent sand dunes, and world class wildlife, Rajasthan has been famous for its exotic safaris. It is a land which once seen can never be forgotten. The ocean of sand the Thar Desert mesmerizes the visitors by its rich golden sand and the golden mirage which the desert offer would magnetizes the visitors to the core.


As everyone knows that Camel is known as the Ship of Desert, because of the tedious and long journey it makes in the Thar Desert. Once travelling by camel was a norm in Rajasthan, soon after it popularized itself as Camel Safari too. In Rajasthan camels are supposed to be the status symbols for the royal families.


To have an authentic experience in Rajasthan one would definitely opt for the camel safari among all the other safaris. Moreover it is the best safari as it can take you to the remotest of areas in Rajasthan. Don't go for the aloof look on the camel's face, they are the lifeline in the deserts. The camel safari let the travelers experience the spirit of the Thar Desert and the thrilling endlessness which it offers.


The camel safaris are always well equipped and take care of the visitor's comfort and convenience. But it is advisable to the visitors who are more fit, healthy and active so they can adjust themselves on the camel because it is very necessary to take care about the balance and adjusting oneself to the movements of the camel. Even after this balancing and adjusting it is still more considered than the rest as it is unique in itself. It is much more fun and adventure than the others.


While going for the camel safari one should keep in mind that the weather would be very extreme and scorching so the best time to opt for a safari would always is in the morning or evening. As the sun would be upon your head so you should carry a plenty of water with you to avoid dehydration, sun screen, shades, hat, umbrella to avoid any sun tan or allergies. In hot climate we tend to sweat, therefore one has to choose cottons clothes through which skin can breathe.


'The camel safari in Rajasthan provides an awesome experience of exploring the desert. Through this camel safari of Rajasthan we tends to look at the landscape, sand dunes the natural beauty of the desert in a perfectly new perspective which leaves as with mesmerizing memories.'

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